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This is the personal website of David Ghazawy, a Film maker, Artist and Video Game Developer from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I am currently working on my first animated feature film, Spring Blues in addition to working on my first video Game, A Tin Town War.

This website was also created with the intention of showcasing some of my work and highlighting other websites I own and work on:

Arthouse Manor
Arabia Exotica
Arabia Erotica
Ghazawy Arts
Methuselah 5
Fat Turtle Game Studios
Spring Blues Film
CairoGiza Pictures
7am Sydney
Nasser 56

Last Updated: 18/11/2016
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David Ghazawy's Education



Diploma of Information Technology (Games Development)
Diploma of Film Production
David Ghazawy's Skills, Expertise and Social Media
Diploma of Film Production