David Ghazawy


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Ars longa, vita brevis


Rest my head

If you could hold me for a while
So I so wary and so vein
Should rest my head
and forget all my fears.

© 2005 David Ghazawy


You're standing there by the mantel piece, by the phone
The fall of winter approaches and spring lies in wait;
a poised dignitary, a welcome guest.
My fingers trace the very contours of your skin.
Your lips are pursed, primed for what is to come.
Your wine stained dress falls by the bedside
and here in this moment,
what is to take place,
does so in but one flutter of a hummingbird's wings.

© 2011 David Ghazawy.

Rage against the Tyrant

What my eyes have seen They cannot lay to rest
Wipe the sweat from my brow
Axe in hand and hand in thou
This my cross, this my vow
To rage ever against the Tyrant.

© 2011 David Ghazawy



Everybody Loves Clair

How does any tale of love begin... with a look of endearment
...of things present.

How does any tale of love progress... with a whisper
...of things gone by.

How does any tale of love conclude... with a smile
...of things yet to be.

© 2011 David Ghazawy

ArtHouse Manor


The Art of the drive

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.

One has to wonder if I'll ever get there?
All the doubt, the failure to act, to seize the moment.

In the end, however, I can be confident in this...
the one thing that sets me above all others, is the ability to take hit,
after hit, after hit
and get back up again, and again and yet again.

My every breathe is an act of defience.
My every movement the struggle, the cause, the truth.

Ultimately, what I really want is to be embraced by the roar of a hundred thousand strong crowd,
the arms of an unkept lover,
the warm glow of a trillion exploding stars.

This is the art of the drive.

© 2011 David Ghazawy

Invasion Earth

Since the dawn of time man’s early existence was defined by a total state of chaos and conflict; at war with others… at war with himself.

In the mid twenty second century humanity has achieved the impossible; a state of total peace. The years, then decades roll by, complacency sets in and a once vigilant species has dropped its guard… sowing the seeds of its own demise.

In the deep, dark vestiges of space there lurks beings set to etch their own bloody mark on humanity. On history.

On the twenty first of June of the Earth year 2140, humanity wakes up to find that it is not alone. At first, the buzz of excitement and anticipation fills the air. Hails are sent and when no messages are received, emissaries board spacecrafts bound for the direction of the visitors. Only they are never to return.

Excitement and anticipation soon give way to fear and anxiety… with good reason. On the ninth of November of the Earth year 2141, Invasion Day commences…

The ensuing chaos leaves earth scorched and its many denizens dead. The burdensome stench of death fills the air and once again humanity must resort to ways long since forgotten... War.

© 2011 David Ghazawy

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